• The Call of Home

I was born in Redruth Hospital in 1949. The severe shortage of housing following the end of WWll meant that we had to live in a beach chalet on Hayle Towns until 1954 when our name came to the top of the list and we were allocated a brand new council house on Trevithick Estate in Hayle.

When my grandfather died in 1960, my father inherited a stack of books about World War One. Tucked inside one of the volumes I found a colour picture of a woman dressed in black. Closer inspection revealed that it was a painting on top of a photograph. My parents told me that she was Wilhelmina Volmer, my greatgreatgrandmother; a Prussian who was once the governess to the Harvey's (of Hayle Foundry) young children.

Fifty years later, I decided to find out more about her, about my family history and what it means to be Cornish.

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The Call of Home

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