• That Girl is Gone


A lack of love can be deadly, even if all our basic needs are being met. What is love anyway? I have spent my life searching for the answer. In this collection I give to you my experience and journey through three different types of love: Eros - Erotic Love,  Philautia - Self Love, and Agape - love of the Divine or what we might call the Creative Power


“Are you afraid of falling in love again for fear of losing yourself? Are you in a toxic relationship, but can’t leave for fear of being on your own? Do you love and care for others with a fierce intensity, but find it almost impossible to say “I love you” to the mirror? If you can relate, then these verses are for you my darling. May you walk away from them changed.


In these pages

magic dwells,

speak each aloud,

as if a spell;

change your patterns,

change your destiny,

feel love from within,



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That Girl is Gone

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