• Uneasy Heads

Sketches of the Monarchs of England Since the Conquest.

If you've ever had trouble keeping straight the Henrys and the Edwards, the Williams and the Matildas, Elizabeths and Marys who have ruled England, Scotland and Wales during the last thousand years, (including a lady who kept a raven she insisted was her George), this book is for you.

If you've wondered why England avoided the turmoil of the French revolution, and why the Peasants' were Revolting in 1381 then this is still the book for you.

And amongst the gentry you'll meet is Queen Victoria as a young lady quite able to manage her own life, thank you very much, along with her wise and devoted Scottish ghillie, who would save her life in her later years.

Occasionally, a small boy will peek from behind an intercontinental curtain to see what is going on. Just ignore him.

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Uneasy Heads

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