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To earn money from your words sounds like the ideal life. The image of tapping away at a keyboard with the view of the English countryside stretching far ahead sounds idyllic. All the time your bank account swells with sales of your books and you are idolised by millions. So much for the fantasy.

The reality is that most people will never complete their book. They won't have time or they won't know how to start. For those that do the next challenge begins: publication. traditional or self-publishing? And when all of that is done the final challenge arrives: marketing and sales.

It already looks like a full-time job. How do you start? How do you cope? Who do you ask? This book was written for you. It answers the questions you have and some you've never thought of.

These are the most popular questions and answers for writing, publishing and marketing a book that are being asked by authors just like you.

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Top Of The Pile

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