• How To B.U.I.L.D. A Unicorn

We live in a world where inventors are conditioned to accept that success means selling your soul to a Venture Capital Fund, work 24 hours a day fuelled by caffeine, adrenaline and sheer ambition in an attempt at birthing that rarest of beasts, a technology business built on one great idea that is worth $1 billion or more.

The reality is many of these businesses, which can have great ideas at their heart, fail to generate any revenue at all before sinking into oblivion - drowning the founder's dream and sinking millions of investor funds.

So how do you succeed?

This book will show you the tried and tested methods used by some of the biggest and most successful technology-based companies to produce top quality, customer-focused products and services that generate great revenue streams. Plus, how to build the company so you enjoy the process along the way.

(This is the stuff they don't teach you in your MBA!) 

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How To B.U.I.L.D. A Unicorn

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