• Detachment

One day you wake up in paradise. Sugar cane growing around you. The sky is an iridescent blue. A gentle breeze is in the air and you are surrounded by the Indian Ocean as well as a family around you. The only life that you've ever known. As you sleep, play and go to school, men in suits thousands of miles away are plotting to change your life and you have no idea what is going to hit you. Until it does.

Your family is separated. Your mother and father now live in England. You are in a convent with no clue when you will see your parents again. No clue when the family will come back together or even if they will.

Time moves on. You come to England. Your homeland swallowed by a government that now seems to give you shelter but only at the expense of your freedom.

As an adult you learn to trust men that will let you down, again and again. This is why Danielle found that detachment was the only way to save herself from life and that life would lead to writing this story for the world to hear.

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