• Letting Go and Living On

Life has a way of kicking you in the teeth.

Sometimes you get up quick and shrug that feeling off, but sometimes that feeling can hang around for a very long time. Having your life tipped upside down, throwing you in the cement mixer and turning on the machine will do that to you. So it was for Mark Lea.

One day planning a life and living the day to day, the next his wife, Julie, diagnosed with cancer. Three months later Julie was gone and Mark felt only pain and a gaping hole.

Perhaps you know how Mark feels. Perhaps this happened to you yesterday, last week, last month or even some time ago. If it has then you know exactly how he felt. When people ask 'Are you ok?' you want to scream at them 'Of course I'm not. My heart is broken and my soul has died'. What you actually say is 'I'm coping, just. Thanks for asking'.

However, this is not all about the sadness and coping. It's learning that because life goes on that you must as well. With support, with friends and with the right people to talk to there is a way back. You can let go of the sadness and your life will return. It will be different, but we can cope with different as long as there is hope and a plan.

Mark takes you on his journey which may well reflect yours and together you will find yourself letting go and living on.

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Letting Go and Living On

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