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1. A Brush With Death - Malcolm Parnell

Gary has a highly successful business and lives his life with a positive "Go get 'em" attitude. It wasn't always like this though, his school days were miserable and he left with no qualifications. His story will inspire and motivate you as he tells you how to overcome obstacles and have fun in life. His passion is infectious. If there is one lesson to be learnt from this entertaining book it's that anything is possible if you have focus and a plan.

2. A Fool and His Money - Malcolm Parnell

'A Fool And His Money' is Malcolm's second novel and the follow up to 'A Brush With Death.' Our hero, Harry Chase, is back in the mire again, having been called upon to help his best friend Tony, who has found himself in the middle of a blackmailing scam. Can Harry and his trusty band of hapless warriors save Tony from being exposed in a most unfortunate manner?

3. Right on The Monet - Malcolm Parnell

The wait is over! Harry and his gang are back to entertain us in this, Malcolm’s third novel, in the Harry Chase series. The boys are ‘all at sea’ in this hilarious tale of theft, suspicious passengers and very dodgy crew. A most satisfying read.

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The Harry Chase Collection

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