• Tess of the Dormobiles

Theresa Finbow is an author who has taken a cottage in a quiet area of Norfolk while she starts work on her next novel which is to be called Tess of the Dormobiles.

Tess, the central character in this new book, is someone who craves adventure, so Theresa seeks to emulate her in order to gain inspiration for her work, but this brings her into contact with Billy, a local farmworker who has a malevolent stare and is reputed to have a violent temper. He has also been implicated in the death of his ex-girlfriend. So after a terrifying incident with Billy, Theresa invites her estranged husband to come to her rescue, but after a short visit, Danny returns home, leaving Theresa to face her demons alone, one of whom is Billy's elder brother who is capable of inflicting even greater horrors on Theresa.

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Tess of the Dormobiles

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