• A New World

The year is 2076.

Jennifer Wilks is a science teacher, head of department at an exclusive girls school. Outside of work she dreams of the old world, a world that she only knows through historic books and films. it is a world with men, men who were friends, lovers and co-workers, not this new world she lives in, where the population is almost all women.

After an evening of drinking with her best friend she stumbles across some notebooks that hint that the virus that killed the men could be cured.

Inadvertently this sets her on a path, a dangerous path, where she wants to use the information to try and create a cure. However she is pursued by women, women who are determined to stop her at all costs, but she finds some allies close by, women who also believe the new world is wrong.

it is a race; create a cure and stay alive or be stopped to keep the status quo.

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A New World

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