• Don't Fail at Failure

In truth no one wants to fail. Too often it is seen as a weakness. It’s viewed as terminal; a fatal flaw. However, there are people who see failure as essential. Stuart Humber is one of those people.

Alcoholic and suicidal, his life changed the day he met Teri, the woman who was to become his wife and all-round greatest supporter. It was Teri's metamorphosis that led to his catalogue of extreme challenges. Life isn’t measured by successes or failures, qualifications, financial security, conquering mountains, crossing countries, how many marathons you have run or pulling a sled for 383 miles in 7 days. It is measured by the lessons you learn on the journey.

Fearing failure is the greatest fear; embracing it will show you how to succeed. At everything.

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Don't Fail at Failure

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