• A Sparge Bag On The Washing Line

I'm at my computer, but can hear the food mixer going, which is encouraging. Then Clive comes into the office, rummages in his desk and retrieves a pair of pliers. I've been known to take a chisel to my pastry, but I'm disconcerted as to why he should resort to such desperate measures. He returns the tool a few minutes later and says simply, 'Sorted.' I decide it's best not to ask.

When her husband retires, Julia Thorley starts to keep a diary for her own amusement. She doesn't tell Clive, in case he starts to do daft things on purpose. 

She needn't have worried.

This is the record of that first year, a period of transition for both of them, bringing laughter, irritation, frustration and negotiation as they find a new way to live together.

Thank heaven for the allotment.

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A Sparge Bag On The Washing Line

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